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Wikipedia defines training as "the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies." They further note that training "forms the core of apprenticeships," and is "required for a trade, occupation or profession."

At the core of any success lies focused and meaningful training. Even gifted professional athletes rely on trainers to help acquire fundamental skills and knowledge and to maintain a sharp competitive edge. If you're serious about being a successful Forex trader, you need training.

We've provided some articles here that can help, but nothing can take the place of a proven Forex training course. When you're done with the articles, we invite you to consider joining us here at The Forex Trading Institute, where the training never stops.

  • The Forex Trading Institute Celebrates 8 Years  New Forex Training Article

    Eight years ago, people believed you had to sit in a physical classroom to receive quality training. Now it is the just the opposite: Most folks believe classroom training is archaic.

  • In Search of the Forex Trader’s Holy Grail

    Technology has revolutionized Forex trading. There are robots, systems, programs, applications, add-ons, plug-ins, indicators, bells, buzzers and alerts! The reality is that most of these technology-based trading processes do not work.

  • The Importance of Forex Trading Education

    Education for online trading is the best way a trader can start to get involved in any market. With the evolution of software and technology, it is now much easier for individuals to seek guidance…

  • The Advantage of a Solid Forex Online Training Course

    The reality is that not getting any training is far more costly. Programs that sell for less are generic and typically theory-based. At The Forex Trading Institute, we teach 8 black and white strategies, and…

  • The Value of Unlimited Live Forex Market Training

    Remember, learning to trade is an ongoing process. Often time's people pursue trading in a haphazard fashion. They believe simply by reading a book, or watching a set of CD’s, this is all that it…